IP Telephony

The Internet Protocol (IP) is the underlying communications protocol that runs the majority of the world’s internet infrastructure. It is a globally unique protocol that allows network administrators to deploy and manage a single IP-enabled network in multiple locations without modification. For example, an organization may have one headquarters building with a single IP address, but throughout the organization, individual offices would each have an IP address that is unique to each office. IP telephony services can be designed to work seamlessly with this architecture allowing customers to use their existing voice networks and voice gateways while also providing full IP-based network access.

Your business deserves a phone system that is reliable, affordable, and easy to use

IP telephony systems are a robust, highly flexible and affordable solution for voice over IP (VoIP) connections, providing superior quality audio at low cost.  IP telephony provides the user with an excellent experience. IP telephony technology allows for quality of service (QoS) and features, speed, flexibility, privacy and security, and ease of use.

Boost productivity and reduce costs with IP phone systems

IP telephony systems have the same functionality of regular VoIP phone systems without the need to purchase any equipment or install any software. These systems allow customers to enjoy high-quality audio with little or no degradation in speech quality, while also eliminating the need for expensive hardware/software upgrades.

IP telephony can provide better network access to your business.   IP telephony allows businesses to enjoy best-in-class call quality that they can’t get from traditional landline or ISDN phones. With its advanced HD Voice technology, IP telephony offers better quality calls over lower bandwidth internet connection speeds than any other VoIP.

IP telephony enables businesses to reach more customers at lower cost. Businesses can reduce their operating costs by using multiple phones or less expensive phone systems instead of buying a huge system.

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