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A converged network infrastructure supports data, voice, and video applications simultaneously.  

It offers cost savings, efficiencies, and productivity gains when compared to the alternative of handling these applications on separate networks.  

A converged network is built to be scalable and flexible from the start.  This makes it much easier to grow your network without incurring additional expense.

Internet network connecting system simulated

Info Solutions’ industry-certified convergence consultants have industry leading certifications and real-world practical experience to successfully design, implement, and manage truly converged networks and telephony systems.

Managed Services

All mid-sized companies have a range of computers, servers and IT technology. Any disruption or disaster affecting the availability of your IT technology can impact

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Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is a cloud-scale architecture designed to meet the complex needs of modern wide area networks through three key areas:

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Info Solutions is a leading provider of high-performance cabling solutions. We provide all the necessary cabling infrastructure for your company’s data, voice, and video systems.

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Firewall Management

Are you currently managing multiple firewalls from different vendors? Do you need help managing the complex details of multiple vendors and layers of protection? If

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Network Infrastructure

A network infrastructure consists of everything that is needed to provide connectivity, communication and operations across a large enterprise or between LANs. This includes switches,

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Routing and Switching

Routing and Switching are essential components of the Internet. Without them, there would be no communication between computers and phones, tablets and web-enabled devices; the

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Business VPN

The business VPN is a virtual network that aims to unblock your internet connection in your office or home. In it, you can connect to

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Converged Networks

Network Infrastructure A converged network infrastructure supports data, voice, and video applications simultaneously.  Converged networks allow you to do business with you customers anywhere and

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Wireless Site Surveys

Wireless Infrastructure is an important component of the IT infrastructure. The quality of  consulting, workmanship, and product used is critical to the overall network performance.

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