Our Consultation Process

Regardless of the initiative or objective, our consultants will collaborate with your team and advise based on their practical hands-on experience in conjunction with industry best practices. All of our client engagements involve some level of assessment, design, and implementation.

Our Consultation Process


We start by assessing your IT infrastructure to determine if it’s able to support your business goals. In order to solve any problem, identify a solution, or determine next steps, one must understand the current state of the situation. Info Solutions’ consultants will engage the appropriate stakeholders, assess the existing infrastructure, and gain a full understanding of the businesses needs and requirements. The objective of their effort is to answer the “who, what, where, when, and most important, the why.” This process also identifies any gaps between the current state and future state and assesses the costs and risks associated with taking or not taking action.


Taking the information gathered during the assess phase, the Info Solutions consultant will design and recommend a solution or a series of solutions depending on the complexity of the engagement. Our designs are not based on theory – they are based on years of hands-on IT infrastructure experience and industry best practices.


Once a solution or path forward is agreed upon, the implementation plan is created and executed by the resources identified during the planning process. This may include client resources executing a subset of tasks or a complete turnkey solution whereby the Info Solutions’ consultant(s) execute all identified tasks. In addition to post implementation support, an appropriate level of documentation and knowledge transfer are a key component of this phase.


For clients who do not have the resources to properly support the implemented solution, Info Solutions offers an array of managed services to ensure the implemented technology is properly maintained and supported.

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