YMCA Delaware replaces antiquated phone system across all branches with new Cisco cloud-based collaboration solution.

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With seven branches statewide, a youth resource center in Wilmington, and an overnight camp and conference center just over the border in Maryland, YMCA Delaware is the largest non-profit organization in the state committed to youth development, social responsibility, and healthy living for all Delawareans.


Over the decades, steady expansion of the organization created the pressing need to address the outmoded phone system which had become inefficient, increasingly complex, and prone to malfunctions, downtime, and costly repairs.

“We weren’t just trying to replace one product with a similar product,” said Greg Maziarz, Chief Financial Officer of YMCA Delaware. “Because our phone system was so outdated, we needed to integrate a completely new system—one that would enhance communication within our branches and the outside community.”

The efficiency and flexibility of a new cloud-based system was appealing to Maziarz and the leadership team, and a search committee was soon formed to identify the right IT services partner.


The search committee identified several vendors to present to the committee, but it was ultimately Info Solutions that stood out as the clear choice, based on their advanced cloud technology experience, competitive pricing, and strong emphasis on customer service. In addition, Info Solutions went well beyond telephony and transitioned the YMCA to a truly integrated collaboration platform capable of delivering best in class video conferencing, meetings, call center features, and team collaboration software. All of this at a price comparable to what many companies pay for voice only services.

Throughout the project, the Info Solutions team worked closely with YMCA Delaware to design and install the new cloud-based system so that the conversion could be phased in with limited service interruption. “The hands-on training and customer support we’ve received has been phenomenal, and everything just works,” says Maziarz, commenting on the ease of the system.


Conversion to the new cloud-based collaboration solution across the organization has been a huge technology step forward for YMCA Delaware, and one that will serve them well into the future. Instead of basic phone service, team members across the state can enjoy the benefits of meeting conferencing on the Webex platform for full video or voice only conferencing. Team members can utilize the cloud based software on smart phones, desk phones, PCs, and tablets to create collaboration spaces, white boarding, and file sharing. Onboarding new employees is now much faster and efficient, and ongoing maintenance requires fewer resource hours and expense. Info Solutions continues to provide ongoing customer service and responding to any requests to customize, or modify the service as needed. Most recently, this has included implementing a poolside phone service on short-notice to accommodate the opening of YMCA Delaware Summer Camps.

“I have come to trust Info Solutions completely as our working relationship has grown over the years,” comments Maziarz. “They are a very accommodating and caring team, and I continually recommend them to others. They have the needs of the client always in the forefront, which is a great feeling.”

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