Hybrid Cloud

While gaining undisputable momentum, cloud computing is still in the early stages of its evolution.  For many businesses, a hybrid cloud and premised based IT infrastructure presents the most practical approach for organizations.  Taking your organization to the hybrid cloud allows you to leverage your existing investments and take advantage of the cloud based computing offers that make the most sense for you.  The hybrid cloud approach allows you to maintain control while driving down risk and cost of ownership for your overall IT infrastructure while moving to the cloud.  When you are ready, you can easily ramp up capacity during times of peak demand, then scale back if your requirements change.

Info Solutions is the ideal partner to help you transition to the cloud in the areas that make sense for your business.

Cloud Managed Networking with Cisco Meraki

Running a company can be expensive especially when you are trying to cover up for the expenses made to keep your services up and running. Meraki is built for cloud management of network services. IT services is one aspect that can swallow up funds if not properly managed. A cloud-managed network provides a cost-effective method of […]

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