Meraki Dashboard Overview

Every Meraki device – including Wireless Access Points, Ethernet Switches, and Security Appliances – connects over the Internet to Meraki’s datacenters, which run Meraki’s cloud management plat­form. These connections, secured via SSL, utilize a patented protocol that provides real time visibility and control, yet uses minimal band­width overhead (typically 1 kbps or less.)

Info Solutions deploys and manages Cisco Meraki environments including Wireless LANs, Switches, Security Appliances, and Mobile Device Management. Meraki’s architecture provides feature rich network management without on-site management appliances or WiFi controllers.

In place of traditional command-line based network configuration, Meraki provides a rich web based dashboard, providing visibility and control over up to tens of thousands of Meraki devices, anywhere in the world. Tools, designed to scale to large and distributed networks, make policy changes, firmware updates, deploying new branches, etc. simple and expedient, regardless of size or location. Meraki’s real time protocols combine the immediacy of on-premise manage­ment applications with the simplicity and centralized control of a cloud application.