Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud is a new way to think about business and IT. By using this new concept, companies can take advantage of their infrastructure and data while deploying other service offerings—all with their own unique set of management and administrative tasks.

While gaining undisputable momentum, cloud computing is still in the early stages of its evolution.  For many businesses, a hybrid cloud and premised based IT infrastructure presents the most practical approach for organizations.  Taking your organization to the hybrid cloud allows you to leverage your existing investments and take advantage of the cloud based computing offers that make the most sense for you.  The hybrid cloud approach allows you to maintain control while driving down risk and cost of ownership for your overall IT infrastructure while moving to the cloud.

Some example applications:

  • Free web-based portal for employees that allows them to manage corporate information
  • Integration with internal CRM systems to enable sales through a single dashboard
  • Cloud storage for disaster recovery
  • Management tools that allow administrators to automate processes and add value to the overall IT vision.

When you are ready, you can easily ramp up capacity during times of peak demand, then scale back if your requirements change.

Hybrid cloud uses the services of both on-premises and private clouds, enabling greater customization, scalability, and security to infrastructure.  You can run your business on-premises while taking advantage of cutting edge technologies such as virtualization for low cost cost per gigabyte, more flexibility, and performance.