Converged Networks & IP Telephony

Network infrastructure supporting data, voice, and video applications simultaneously offer cost savings, efficiencies, and productivity gains when compared to the alternative of handling these applications on separate networks.
Info Solutions’ industry-certified convergence consultants have industry leading certifications and real-world practical experience to successfully design, implement, and manage truly converged networks and telephony systems.

Data Storage & Protection

With many companies facing strict policies for dealing with information lifecycle management, data management solutions have taken a more central role in the IT data center. These solutions do more than just data storage or backup – they must handle and manage the entire lifecycle of data from cradle to grave.
Info Solutions consultants assist clients with the design, implementation and support of data management solutions that are seamlessly integrated into existing environments.

Desktop Virtualization (VDI)

Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI) establishes a point where businesses can begin to reduce their desktop hardware refresh cycle and leverage the efficiency of centralized management, while being able to provide a secure and reliable desktop experience to the end user community.

Information Security

The information security landscape is constantly and rapidly evolving. New threats to business continuity emerge on almost a daily basis. Successful businesses and organizations must integrate security into their technology plans at every level.
Info Solutions industry certified information security consultants have the experience and visibility into the IT security world to be a single source advisor, from security policy development to compliance assessments to the design, integration, and support of security technology solutions.

Server Consolidation & Virtualization

As data computing has evolved, the need for more efficient computing platforms has increased. Virtualization allows you to consolidate many physical servers into fewer servers. Virtual machines can also be used as “hot standby” environments, changing the classic data backup philosophy by providing backup images that can be turned almost instantly into live virtual machines, capable of taking over the workload for an entire production server.
Info Solutions utilizes industry-leading technologies to consolidate and virtualize server computing. Info Solutions consultants also utilize virtualization as an environment friendly way to reduce power consumption and preserve much needed data center space.

Structured Cabling

Not to be overlooked is the structured cabling architecture as it is an equally important component of the IT infrastructure. The quality of workmanship and product used is critical to the overall performance of your IT environment.